What are the types of flowering cacti?

In nature, all cacti in bloom, bloom at home, only those species, the content of which is close to the natural one. Echinopsis, Mamillyariya, Astrophytum, saguaro, Epifillumy, Rebutsii, Hametsereusy, Fraile, Wilcox, Fillokaktusy – these types of flowering cacti, which is easier to create the right conditions.

Cacti is very beautiful bloom from white to red-purple color, the flowers are small to large funnel. With proper care, these plants will please its very long flowering. They emit a delicate flavor. On flowering cactus need a lot of energy, so they bloom once a year.

Reproduction of cacti

The most common way is to breeding babies. Kids are easily separated from the adult cactus, and also root easily.

Babe must carefully separate to the body plant remained of its parts, and vice versa. The remaining parts can lead to decay.

Babe be cut in the spring or summer. Winter and fall they do not take root.

Before implanting baby Better dry in a warm, dry and sunny spot. After that, it is well-entrenched and rots.

Best young cacti thrive in the substrate of calcined sand, sphagnum moss and charcoal. These components are taken in equal parts.

Water the cactus to form roots need extreme care.